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Newsletter #238

Stock House Plan

New House Building: Money Saving, Convenience and Healthy House Tips

July, 2005 - Happy Independence Day !

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So you want to build a house? Great! This is a very exciting and nerve wracking time full of choices, plans, schedules and implementations. The first decision you’re going to have to make, after the initial decision of building, is whether to buy a custom designed house plan or a stock house plan.

What is a stock house plan?

A stock plan is a house plan that was previously created by an architect or designer either for a specific purpose or for general use as a plan to be used multiple times, so bugs in the design and construction have already been resolved. In many cases the stock house plan has already been built once or twice. The opposite of a stock plan is a custom plan. Custom plans are specifically drawn to the home owner’s or builder’s exact specifications. does not directly offer custom plans, but we can help you find a professional who does.

Why buy a stock plan?

There are three main reasons to buy a stock house plan: affordability, variety, and usability. If money is no object to you, or if you have the luxury of time to work with an architect, then maybe a customized plan is more appealing. But for those of you who want the economical and time-saving benefits of working with a house plan selected from successfully proven stock plans, then read on!

Affordability: Stock plans are economical. There are huge savings to be had in buying a stock plan over having custom plans drawn. When you buy a stock house plan, you’re not paying for the countless hours spent drawing up a plan, re-working the plan, and finalizing drafts. You're paying a reduced fee for a single re-use of that plan. The savings of using a stock plan over hiring an architect or designer, who command high fees for custom design services, can be as much as 90%!

Variety: There's a huge selection of stock house plans available either online or in books. offers over 20,000 unique house plans in nearly 40 architectural styles. More likely than not, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for by doing a simple search. With so many plans available to choose from, it’s a safe bet that you won't see your house plan replicated in your area. And if you find a plan you like, but want to make a few modifications - no problem! Most of the plans available at can be modified to your specifications.

Usability: A stock plan is ready to be built even before you buy it. Once it arrives in your hands you can usually submit the plans for a building permit the next day. (The building department in your area may have additional requirements for permit submittal.)

Gayle Edmondson of Edmondson Construction in San Ramon , California , states that stock plans are often better than custom because they have the construction problems worked out already. It may be a plan that’s been built 400 times, and simple things that are taken for granted - like a roof, or stairway - work as the designer intended. When you buy a proven stock plan, you're benefiting from someone's experience with previously building that house.



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6 Things to Remember About Stock Plans

1. A cost savings of up to 90% over custom house plans. It can take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to design a home from scratch. A pre-drawn stock plan saves you time and money – and can be modified to suit your needs.

2. Many pre-drawn plans have been previously built, and most have had the construction problems resolved. This translates into far fewer design headaches and reduced labor costs for you at the time of building your plan.

3. When working with a stock house plan, final cost estimates are more accurate because details, such as generating a materials list (check availability), are already taken into account. Savvy customers dedicate most of their budget towards high-quality building materials and home amenities, instead of losing the bulk of their budget to engage an expensive architect to design, re-design, and prepare working drawings for contractor bids - only to learn that the cost of building the house exceeds their budget.

4. Stock house plans have the same high-quality design specs as custom plans, because many plans were originally created as custom plans by skilled architects and home designers.

5. Speedy delivery of your plans - within a few days, instead of a few months, you'll have your construction documents in hand.

6. The largest selection of quality plans in one place ensures you'll find the perfect design to match your ideal house. At you can browse over 20,000 plans in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Whichever your decision - stock or custom - the right house plan is waiting for you!


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