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Newsletter #221

DIY Home Building

New House Building: Money Saving, Convenience and Healthy House Tips

James Todd
December 2003
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Best Wishes for 2004.

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1. DIY Network Home Building Series
2. Holiday Lighting Package
3. Useful Building Tips
4. Announcements - $80 Gift Certificates
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1. DIY Network Home Building Series
If you are not familiar with DIY Network you may want to familiarize yourself with it. Its focus is, of course, on do-it-yourself projects. The have an excellent web site which includes material produced for TV. They have recently started a series on building a new home. For those of you contemplating this or in the middle of the building process, it may be worth your time to take a look at this series. The next program to air is entitled Be Your Own Contractor: Breaking Ground - Episode DBYC-102 and is showing now through January 4, 2004. Information about this series can be found on their web site at,2046,DIY_15078_25165,00.html

2. Holiday Lighting Accommodations for Your New House
You may wonder why we are introducing this topic to you now that the holidays are over. The reason is simple, we can't easily solve the problems you might have with miles of extension cords and watertight connections for your present house - but if you are building a new one we can. Furthermore, now seems like a good time to re-emphasize this issue since many of you have undoubtedly recently struggled with some of these problems. Here are a few suggestions that will make life easier when you build your new home.

The first and only cardinal rule regarding electrical outlets is that they are inexpensive and easy to put in during the construction phase. They can be much more difficult and expensive to install later, after your home is complete. With this in mind here are some suggestion to consider when building your new home:

  1. Establish a "holiday circuit" that allows you to turn you holiday lights on/off with one easy turn of the switch. You might even want to consider two such circuits, one for indoor and one for the outdoor lights.
  2. If you like the "candle in the window" look you should make sure that you have electrical outlets next to each window. If your garage has windows make sure to include outlets near these as well.
  3. If you have lights that you incorporate into your decorations on your fireplace mantle or on the bannisters, make sure that you have outlets strategically placed that enable you to plug these in, conveniently and unobtrusively.
  4. If you like icicle lights hanging from your roof, consider placing outlets under the eves to ensure easy accessibility and to eliminate the need to run extension cords to these lights.
  5. If your decorating preferences are for a lot of outdoor lights make sure you an adequate number of well placed electrical outlets to accommodate you plans. Make sure to include the back and sides of your house, if these are part of your decorating plans.

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One of the best sites on the internet to find a stock house plan is at Cool House Plans is an Internet stock house plan provider with a current inventory of over 13,000 house plans. House-N-Home Building subscribers will receive an additional 5% discount by using the above link.

Building a new house and being your OWN GC is not for most people.  But for the small subset of readers who do have the time and experience for such an undertaking we have some good news. The good news is in the form of a company called

3. Useful Building Tips
Beginning with this month's edition of the newsletter, we are introducing the "Useful Building Tips" section. Here you will find suggestions and tips related to house construction that are supplied by House-N-Home-Building Customers and Newsletter subscribers.If you have a money saving, convenience or healthy house building tip(e.g. where to find great bamboo flooring prices) or suggestions that you would like to contribute, please email it to If your tip is selected and appears in one of our newsletters, we will send give you a $80 gift certificate to Charleston Seafood, one of the premier seafood sites on the Internet. This months suggestion comes from the House-N-Home-Building archives. Here it is:

If you live in a hotter more humid climate, consider installing zinc roof protector strips. These strips interrupt the flow of rain and naturally time release invisible fungistatic compounds of zinc oxide which travel down the roof slope. These compounds are absorbed by the roof surface and inhibit the growth of fungus, moss and algae. One source for these materials is the Chicago Metallic Company.

4. Announcements
We have made some significant changes to the House-N-Home-Building web site recently and more changes are planned. We recently added a much more extensive Links Directory section to the site. It is divided into 20 categories to make what you are looking for easier to find.

We are also in the process building a photo album page of house built by customers who have purchased the Guide. If you are one of these, please consider sending us a digital photo of your new home. House-N-Home Building is offering an $80 gift certificate to Charleston Seafood, one of the premier seafood sites on the Internet, to the first five customers who send us a picture.

5. Useful Links
The following are useful links relating to the housing industry and the topics covered in this newsletter and may be of interest.

New Home Source
This site offers an extensive listing of new homes, with availability listed on a state-by-state basis. It also has an extensive list of articles related to new homes, building, and other house related topics.

Realty Times
This site caters to the real estate industry. It has a new homes section that contains an extensive list of articles related to new home trends and building.

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