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Home Building Book

Table of Contents

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Financial Qualifications
How much can your really afford? Why biweekly mortgages are a no-brainer. How to avoid PMI insurance. What is a construction loan.  Why a credit report on yourself is a good idea.
Choosing a Builder
The importance and role of a good builder for the construction of your new home. How to select one.  Interview checklists, references, doing your research.
Lot Selection
Discusses land and lot purchase options and the factors that need to be considered in this decision.
House Plans and Design Considerations
Do you need an architect, stock house plans.  The BEST way to design your new home.
Convenience Tips
Contains 29 practical convenience tips that can be put to use immediately and will appreciated long after your house is built.
Bid Specifications and Bid Package
Explains the crucial importance of detailed bid specifications and what should be contained in a bid package sent to builders.
Money Saving and Cost Cutting Items
Explains how you can save thousands of dollars without being the GC and step-by-step instructions for putting this into pratice.
House Building Contract
Discusses the need for a lawyer and provides suggestedclauses that should be included.
Modular Homes
Learn why modular building practices not only save you money but result in better quality homes.
Insurance Requirements
Explains what is important when it comes to warranties and what kind to avoid.
Explains the value that inspections can play in the building process.
Punch List
Explains what a punch list is, how to assemble one and how to make sure these items get done.
Legal Issues
Contains a brief explanation of what small claims court is and how you may want use it. Discuss problems with binding arbitration clauses.
House Building - Step by Step
A step by step outline of the building process from start to finish.
Owner Builder Options
Discusses approaches for those that have the time to serve as the owner builder on their building project.


Healthy House Building Guide
Detailed Set of Example Specifications
Sample House Building Contract
Example House Plan
Lot/Land Selection Worksheet
Comprehensive Punch List
Builder's Questionnaire and Interview Guide